TLC supports the campaign for Added Value Everywhere

TLC Marketing are extremely excited to announce our support for the brave souls at the campaign for Added Value Everywhere. We’ve been enthusiastic advocates of their work for some time, but we’re now proud to announce a partnership – adding over forty years of experience in the field of adding value to brands and offering an affordable and brand building alternative to discount after discount.

‘Brand cruelty’ in the form of discounting, product bundling and price promoting - remains one of the challenges brands and retailers face. New research from the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) reveals that a whopping 74% of the £55bn UK companies spent on promotional marketing in 2013 was on price promotions.

This year, therefore, we aim to support the campaign for Added Value Everywhere which shoulders the important role of helping brands recover from this heavy discounting.

Of course, we’re not encouraging the complete abandonment of price-cutting. We understand that this is an essential tool in a marketer’s box of tricks, especially under pressure from retailers and consumers. But we are suggesting that it’s not the be all and end all, there is another way.

John Pearson, Managing Director at TLC Marketing UK, observes:

Price is obviously an important asset of a product, and it makes sense for manufacturers and retailers to use it. But price promotions are tactical, not strategic, and should be planned that way.”

At TLC we craft creative reward promotions that demand attention, truly earn space on shelf and give retailers and consumers a real, tangible reason to buy into brands rather than prices.

“We can give you the sales of a price promotion at half the price and twice the value”

With our support, the campaign will launch a big push to drive engagement and awareness in June and July 2014, spearheading our joint on-going work for added value promotions for brands in all sectors.

The campaign will be advertised online and offline in Marketing Week and the Grocer, promoted on social media channels via the hashtag #stopbrandcruelty and #addvalueeverywhere and its headquarters will move to Marketing Week Live on June 25th and 26th. Finally the campaign site will allow supporters to help raise awareness in their own offices, at home or in their neighbourhood with downloadable kits.

For more details you can contact TLC on 0207 725 6068 /
Or visit their website:

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